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20 Sep 0 Comment

New Music Video for ‘Drivelight’!

Music Video for Debut Single from Drivelight – ‘Obvious’!

Yeah! Delighted for the band Drivelight that their debut single – ‘Obvious’ just made’s song of the day! It was an absolute pleasure making this music video for them: fantastic bunch of lads, and awesome musicians!

For a video with literally no budget, I’m pumped at how well it came out, because we shot it all in Fionn’s bedroom!

If you think this song is good, then just wait till they release their album: every single track absolutely nails it!

Please give it a look, like, love and a share: let’s get real rock ‘n’ roll back out there again!

Drivelight – ‘Obvious’: PLAY IT LOUD!!


Music Video for Debut Single from new Irish Band Drivelight - 'Obvious'.

Shot from Music Video for debut single from Drivelight.

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